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When it comes to staying at the very top of your game, technology plays a huge part nowadays. Whether dealing with SEO campaigns, or even mobile apps for your business, there are any number of reasons why you might wish to buy IPv4 addresses. These can also be leased or even sold at Prefix Broker, where we deal with all your commercial business IPv4 needs.

We get many questions from our clients who would like to know more about our brokering service and are happy to offer our expert advice to anyone who may wish to sell or buy IPv4 address blocks. Our team of friendly experts have many years of experience in this field and specialize purely in one area, so we can focus our resources on giving our customers exactly what they need.

When choosing Prefix Broker, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. All our sellers are fully checked out before we put them in touch with potential purchasers who wish to buy IPv4 addresses, making sure that our clients are never put at risk from unwanted fake sellers. We also operate an escrow service, to guarantee that funds are only ever transferred once the procedure has been fully finalized and confirmed.

You will find a lot of information on our website, including many frequently asked questions about the process to buy IPv4 address blocks. If you would like to talk to someone about this, we are always on hand to offer the best advice and help when needed. Just visit and click the contact tab at the very top of the page for more details.

Why use Prefix Broker?

Buying IPv4 addresses can be complicated and risky. Work with a knowledgeable, experienced broker who can guide you through the process start to finish. Prefix Broker has over a decade of experience in coordinating IPv4 address transactions. We ensure that transfers proceed in a fast and secure manner.

Relax while we handle the details
  • Research the supplying party to confirm they own right-to-use.
  • Check for any other limitations on the use of the IP addresses.
  • Negotiate agreement on price, timing, governing law and currency.
  • Assist in obtaining approval for the transfer by the RIR.

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