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Does your company have extra IPv4 addresses?

Prefix Broker understands and appreciates the value of your suplus assets. We are able to monetize your assets to their full potential.

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When the time comes for your company to sell IP addresses, make sure you choose an IP broker who can offer you a totally secure and professional service. IP brokers such as specialise in IP transfers and we make it our business to be fully up to date on all current protocols and requirements, so we can process your request as quickly and hassle free as possible. At Prefix Broker, we understand that your time is precious, so leave us to sell IP address blocks on your behalf, with complete confidence.

There are many reasons a business might choose to offload IP blocks. Whether downsizing, upgrading, or even for immediate financial gain, we are here to help. There are various requirements when you want to buy or sell IP addresses but not to worry, as we can handle all that for you. Our team of friendly staff are passionate about our business and as one of the very first registered IP brokers, we have many years' experience under our belt. As a professional broker, we are able to match both buyers and sellers together, depending on their individual requirements. All details are handled by our staff in a quick and cost effective manner.

If you are new to, we understand that it is always a concern when selling or transferring large amounts of money online. Because of this and to offer total peace of mind to all our clients, we use a third party escrow system when proceeding to sell IP address blocks for you. This added level of security guarantees no monies will be paid until all transactions have been fully verified.

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