Looking to Buy, Sell or Lease IPv4 Addresses?

Prefix Broker is the industry leader in facilitating the
commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses.

How we work
  • Buy IPv4 addresses

    Prefix Broker has a large inventory of IPv4 addresses available. Let us know your requirements and we will assist you in finding the best possible match.

  • Sell IPv4 addresses

    Want to sell your surplus IPv4 addresses? We have potential buyers standing by and will assist you in the whole sales process start to finish.

  • Lease IPv4 addresses

    Have a short-term need for IPv4 addresses? Leasing might be the best option for you. Leasing allows for quick and easy access to additional IP space with an easy monthly payment plan.


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About Prefix Broker

Established in 2013, Prefix Broker facilitates the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses. We are based in The Netherlands but work with organizations located throughout the RIPE region.

We have extensive knowledge of all RIPE policies as well as over a decade of experience in providing IP brokerage services.

Our objective is to match buyers and sellers and then ensure the transaction proceeds quickly and smoothly. All IP resources must be transferred properly to avoid future issues. If you're interested in buying, selling or leasing an IPv4 address block, contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your objective.

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0,56 million
IP's available for transfer
53,69 million
IP's requested for transfer
6,45 million
IP's transferred YTD
Source: www.ripe.net - Updated October 23, 2017