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IPv4 exhaustion is hindering businesses from reaching their potential. To bridge this gap, immediate acquisition of IPv4 addresses is essential. In other words, it is time to buy IPv4 addresses now.

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We know you want the best solution at a cost-efficient price. IPv4 transfer can be complex and time-consuming without proper knowledge. Prefix Broker specializes in IPv4 transactions, ensuring quick purchases at the best rates. With years of experience and knowledge of rules and regulations, we offer excellent service and great deals.

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  • We research the supplying party to confirm they own the right-to-use;
  • We check for any other limitations on the use of the IP addresses;
  • We negotiate agreement on price, timing, governing law and currency;
  • We assist in obtaining RIR approval for the transfer.

Trusted by businesses across the globe

  • Expert knowledge of the market
  • An extensive network of parties ready to sell
  • Far-reaching service tailored to your needs

Buying IPv4 addresses can be complicated and risky. We provide the knowledge, experience and trust you need for a smooth transfer. With over a decade in coordinating IPv4 transactions, we know the best deals and handle all administrative tasks to make your purchase quick and seamless.

Based in The Netherlands, we serve clients worldwide, especially in the RIPE region (Europe, Russia, The Middle East and parts of Asia). Unsure about your region? Just ask!

We provide over a decade of experience, a proven approach, access to sellers and knowledge of rules and regulations. We are fully aligned with RIR procedures and strive for the best results for our clients.

0,74 million
IP's available for transfer
67,95 million
IP's requested for transfer
7,1 million
IP's transferred YTD
Source: - Updated October 13, 2020

How to purchase IP address space?

Buying IPv4 address space requires understanding the process and market. We tailor our approach to your needs, ranging from quick transfers to complex processes. Our pragmatic approach ensures success in purchasing IP address space.

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Looking to buy IPv4 address space instantly? Prefix Broker Express offers you a quick and easy way to purchase IPv4 addresses. Browse all available offers and buy your IPv4 addresses.

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Our approach is tailored to your objectives, with honest advice from our licensed specialists. Buy IPv4 addresses through Prefix Broker and let us handle the administrative matters, allowing you to focus on strengthening your business with the IPv4 addresses you've purchased.

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