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Wessel Sandkuijl

Managing Director

“As a Managing Director, I determine future strategies and act as a link between technology and practice. Moreover, I assist colleagues in dealing with more complex customer cases. To be able to help clients solve a problem or question that’s complex or unknown is what I enjoy most about my job. The tangible and noticeable result we’re able to achieve is an added bonus.”

“We’re driven and always want to reach the best results for our clients. The valuable combination of market knowledge and technical automation makes for a unique position in the market.”

Andrew Rogers

IPv4 Broker

“I coordinate with both seller and buyer in order to find the best deal using my in-depth knowledge of the market. The end-to-end support for our partners is what excites me about my role as an IPv4 Broker. Whether it's advising them on their assets and discussing the transaction process or securing a buyer (or seller) and providing all necessary details to initiate the transfer request at the RIR.”

”The market is always evolving, meaning I have to be on my toes at all times. Keeping up to date with the trends within the IPv4 market, and in doing so providing the best possible advice for our (potential) partners, keeps my job interesting. The relationships we build along the way - based on honest, upfront and transparent discussions that help us understand our customers’ needs and act in their best interests - is what makes Prefix Broker truly unique.”

Alan van der Himst

Financial Director

“As a Financial Director, I manage all financial and administrative matters within our organization including debtor and creditor management, personnel affairs, banking matters and providing reports. There's plenty of variety in the work and given the international scope of Prefix Broker, there's never a dull day.”

”Our business has a lot of knowledge in the IP world and many international contacts. Together with our automated systems, we're able to serve our clients better and faster, aiming for positive outcomes always.”

Weren de Vries

Manager Legal Department

“In my role, I control and have responsibility over all legal matters concerning deals and transactions. I enjoy the wide variety of international contacts and contracts as well as the team celebrations upon success. I believe the fact that Prefix Broker is a flexible and structured organization with an extensive international network is the reason for our success.”

Robert de Vries

Automation and Data Specialist

“In my job as an Automation and Data Specialist, I automate manual processes and make information visible from raw data. By automating as much as possible, we're able to distinguish ourselves in the market. Reducing the chance of error and speeding up the process is what makes us a reliable partner.“

“The great thing about my work is seeing results. Digital systems are the underpinning of my colleagues' work. Every feature and every fix contribute directly to their way of working, increases efficiency and ultimately ensures that we can make a difference. The combination of this automation together with our in-depth knowledge of the market is what makes Prefix Broker unique. As a result, we know what's happening, process questions quickly and efficiently, reduce the chance of errors and guarantee optimal service.”

In memoriam

Erik Bais

RIPE Specialist, Co-founder

Erik was a pillar in the internet community for decades. He was recognized as an industry expert and has spent countless hours for the good of the internet.

His seemingly unlimited energy to do what's right for the internet community continues to be inspiring to all of us.

Why use Prefix Broker?

Buying IPv4 addresses can be complicated and risky. Work with a knowledgeable, experienced broker who can guide you through the process start to finish. Prefix Broker has over a decade of experience in coordinating IPv4 address transactions. We ensure that transfers proceed in a fast and secure manner.

Relax while we handle the details
  • Research the supplying party to confirm they own right-to-use.
  • Check for any other limitations on the use of the IP addresses.
  • Negotiate agreement on price, timing, governing law and currency.
  • Assist in obtaining approval for the transfer by the RIR.

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