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On a global scale, there is a monumental shortage of IPv4 addresses. This scarcity has led to a growing popularity in leasing IPv4 addresses. Leasing IPv4 addresses presents a suitable alternative to purchasing them, for various reasons. When you lease IPv4 addresses through Prefix Broker, you gain the ability to scale up more rapidly than with purchasing. It is a budget-friendly option, and leasing saves you from the substantial paperwork associated with buying.

If you are seeking a (temporary) solution for your organization, consider the advantages of leasing IPv4 addresses. Prefix Broker provides a seamless platform for organizations to address their IPv4 needs efficiently and economically. Stay ahead in the evolving digital landscape with Prefix Broker, your trusted partner in IPv4 address solutions.

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Price list IPv4

  • /24 (256 IP's) - €129/mo
  • /23 (512 IP's) - €258/mo
  • /22 (1.024 IP's) - €499/mo
  • /21 (2.048 IP's) - €949/mo
  • ≥ /20 - Contact us »

Price list IPv6

  • /32 (64k /48s) - €49/mo
  • /29 (512k /48s) - €349/mo
  • ≥ /28 - Contact us »

Why use Prefix Broker?

  • 10+ years experience;
  • 25+ years community involvement;
  • Reverse DNS configuration included;
  • Export knowledge of the markt.

How does leasing IPv4 addresses work?

Several clients in our network offer IPv4 addresses for either short- or long term rental, allowing both small and large businesses to get immediate access to the IPv4 address space they need. You pay a fixed amount per month to secure your right to use and are granted the freedom of IPv4 lease in doing so. We qualify both parties beforehand and deliver the proper database objects, LOA and ROA upon starting an IPv4 lease. This is how we secure a safe lease agreement that meets strict regulations and allows you to lease IPv4 addresses without risk.

Instead of starting your search for the right IPv4 address block, place an order and receive your desired IPv4 addresses within just 24 hours after your first payment. Risk-free and prepared to your exact specifications with IPv4 lease.

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Renting IP addresses vs buying IP address

To rent IPv4 addresses allows for instant relief when it comes to your IPv4 shortage. Renting, as opposed to buying, comes with significant benefits including a risk reduction in terms of ownership. When the demand for IPv4 addresses drops or when you don't need the address space anymore, you're not tied to any restrictions preventing you from spending your money elsewhere. Moreover, to lease IPv4 means you're in complete control of the monthly costs. Simply choose an IP block that fits your needs and know exactly where you stand.

Prefix Broker: your partner in IPv4 lease

Are you convinced by the value of IPv4 lease? Don't miss out and start your journey with Prefix Broker. Prefix Broker is up-to-date with RIR procedures, to the extent that we even helped write the current RIR transfer policies – to which we adhere by the letter. We set high standards and push ourselves to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our approach to IPv4 lease is simple yet effective; based on fixed fees, you’re able to gain quick access to the IPv4 space you need in order to realize your business goals. Choose a block that fits your needs or inform about the possibilities of leasing IPv4 addresses by contacting us.

Moreover, you can enjoy the highest level of customer service from us. Prefix Broker consists of over a decade of experience within the IPv4 market, a proven approach to IPv4 address lease, access to parties looking to rent out their IPv4 blocks and knowledge of each and every rule and regulation surrounding IPv4 transactions and lease agreements.

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