The RIPE NCC IPv4 Listing service has been stopped: What We Know Now

The RIPE NCC has recently announced that they have decommissioned the RIPE Listing Service. In this article, we'll describe how the end of the IPv4 Listing Service may impact you.

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The RIPE NCC IPv4 Listing service has been stopped: What We Know Now

Around 2015 the availability of IPv4 address descended that much, that the RIPE NCC decided to arrange a listing service page. RIPE LIR Members could post in the RIPE LIR portal on a public list if they were looking or offering IPv4 space. The idea is that LIR members of the RIPE NCC could directly interact with other members to help them obtain or sell their IPv4 resources.

But all the good things come to an end. The RIPE NCC has recently announced that they have decommissioned the RIPE Listing Service. In the article below, Prefix Broker provides you the details about the impact for you with the end of the IPv4 Listing Service.

Why The RIPE NCC introduced a Waiting List

The exhaustion of available IPv4 addresses, didn't stop the RIPE to think about solutions. The RIPE NCC recovers small quantities from companies that are no longer a member. When these addresses were recovered, they kept the blocks away for a short amount of time, to ensure they are dissociated from their previous holders and treated as new address space. After this 'cooling down', the RIPE NCC allocated these addresses to members based on their position in the waiting list. Although the exact number of addresses were still discussable in the coming years, they continued to facilitate fair distribution in accordance with the RIPE community's policies.

The decommission of the IPv4 Listing Services

In October 2023, the Executive Board came to the conclusion that the listing service should be removed. The RIPE NCC was been asked to remove the complete service, since the service was a little outdated after all those years. The service is phased out on Jan 19th 2024.

Although the service didn’t have a proper cleanup system, resulting in still having entries since the beginning that haven’t been removed on it, it did provide a service to the RIPE members.

Now that the RIPE NCC was asked by the RIPE Executive Board to close the service, this could make it harder for companies looking for IPv4 space to receive quotes from sellers. But there is an alternative!

Join the Alternative IPv4 Listing Service

At Prefix Broker, we have been providing a notification service as part of our Express website where we give insight on inventory from sellers in various prefix sizes like /24 to /16.

The notification service also provides updates to the subscribers each day of new offerings and updates on prices.

The Prefix Broker Express notification service as part of our Express Website, is a free to use notification system that will provide daily updates to the subscribers about the latest offerings on the Prefix Broker Express inventory that is available for sale. It provides the latest offers right to your mailbox and helps you manage your IPv4 inventory and keeps you updated on the latest market prices.

If you like to get daily updates from the largest IPv4 marketplace in the RIPE region, feel free to subscribe by creating an account on our Prefix Broker Express website!

You will be able to see all the inventory listed on the site and secure your IPv4 resources that you require.

Erik Bais

RIPE Specialist

“My expertise at Prefix Broker focuses on RIPE associated matters, including policies, procedures and knowledge within the community. Partly due to my knowledge and experience with ISP networks, I'm able to bridge the gap between client demand and community opportunities. This presence in the community causes many people to find us, upon which Prefix Broker picks up on demands and further engages transactions. I'm the primary point of contact for a number of named accounts, building on years of cooperation.“

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Erik Bais

RIPE Specialist
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