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As the remaining supplies of IPv4 addresses start to dwindle, demand for them is as high as ever. Many companies are opting to buy IPv4 address block batches before they become impossible to source, to expand their current resources without the need for instant and costly upgrades. Although it is true that IPv6 may be more readily available and indeed may be something to consider for future investment, the majority of online internet traffic is still handled by the ever popular IPv4 IPs. Because of this, sellers who have batches of IP blocks to sell are facing a demand to buy IPv4 address blocks while stock is still available.

Another reason that the option to buy block of IPv4 addresses is still so popular, is that it's technology that is instantly available to be used without additional cost. The IPv6 series is not fully compatible with existing equipment and companies choosing to purchase these will currently face quite high investment levels to bring current equipment up to a standard where it can be used.

At, we specialize in looking after clients who wish to buy IPv4 address block batches of all sizes and then find a seller to match them with. We take all the hard work out of the process by handling everything from the verification process to the regional variations required. We deal with customers who wish to buy IPv4 address blocks from all over the world and can advise exactly the best options for you and your business. For more information on how to buy block of IPv4 addresses, just visit us today at and click on the contact tab.

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