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With the rumours of decreasing IPv4 stocks increasing on a daily basis, it's tempting to grab the first IPv4 address spaces for sale that you see. While it's true that there is a current heavy demand for existing stocks and they are indeed slowly running out, we at PrefixBroker.com still have a large amount of stock on our books. As a RIPE NCC verified and pioneering broker, we offer a fully secure service, so there is no need to be tempted by underground sale sources.

While we still have stocks available and many sellers on our books, we would advise those wishing to invest in IPv4 address space for sale to make the purchase soon to avoid disappointment. The sale and hire of IP address blocks are an ever popular option in the commercial and corporate business sector and is used for many things including email and marketing schemes. With a global clientele and an excellent reputation, we can handle all IP transactions for you, offering you a bespoke and professional service.

Our team at PrefixBroker.com can also help you if you have IPv4 address spaces for sale yourself. Instead of being left with unwanted stock, now is the ideal time to increase your finances and update your business plans to allow for future investment in other sources. Our team can handle multiple currency transactions and verify all steps of the process to ensure total security for all parties. We adhere strictly to all RIPE protocols and in fact, helped write some of them ourselves. If you have IPv4 address space for sale and would like to know more about what is required visit www.prefixbroker.com.

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