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We offer lease agreements for as long as you need to use your IPv6 address space. In doing so, we coordinate safe lease agreements that are fitted to your specific needs. Our experts are able to find you the best lease agreement and accompanying IPv6 addresses to help you realize the business objectives depending on the available IPv6 space. Let your business' growth not be dependent on IP shortage and start your IPv6 lease today.

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  • Usable within 24 hours after your first payment;
  • Usable worldwide;
  • Geo-located to your exact specifications;
  • Reverse DNS configuration included;
  • Far-reaching service tailored to your needs.

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Price list IPv4

  • /24 (256 IP's) - €129/mo
  • /23 (512 IP's) - €258/mo
  • /22 (1.024 IP's) - €499/mo
  • /21 (2.048 IP's) - €949/mo
  • ≥ /20 - Contact us »

Price list IPv6

  • /32 (64k /48s) - €49/mo
  • /29 (512k /48s) - €349/mo
  • ≥ /28 - Contact us »

Why use Prefix Broker?

  • 10+ years experience;
  • 25+ years community involvement;
  • Reverse DNS configuration included;
  • Export knowledge of the markt.

How does leasing IPv6 addresses work?

Several clients in our network offer IPv6 addresses for either short- or long term rental, allowing both small and large businesses to get immediate access to the IPv6 address space they need. You pay a fixed amount per month to secure your right to use and are granted the freedom of IPv6 lease in doing so. We qualify both parties beforehand and deliver the proper database objects, LOA and ROA upon starting an IPv6 lease. This is how we secure a safe lease agreement that meets strict regulations and allows you to lease IPv6 addresses without risk.

Instead of starting your search for the right IPv6 address block, place an order and receive your desired IPv6 addresses within just 24 hours after your first payment. Risk-free and prepared to your exact specifications with IPv6 lease.

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Lease IPv6 addresses

Expanding your business and relying on sufficient IP address space is becoming more and more of a challenge as the IPv4 shortage endures. While IPv6 addresses pose a long-term solution to the exhaustion, obtaining IPv6 address space and managing a complex and expensive RIPE NCC account requires adequate experience and substantial investment. Our answer to administrative hassle and endless procedures: IPv6 address lease.

Prefix Broker offers instant use of IPv6. Based on fixed prices and immediate access, leasing IPv6 is a quick and easy solution to expanding your network.

How does IPv6 lease work?

Prefix Broker has direct access to IPv6 address space issued by the RIPE NCC, managing prefixes and unburdening clients in every way possible. Leasing IPv6 address space through Prefix Broker means using an IPv6 block against a fixed monthly fee. Depending on the quantity of IPv6 address space you need, choose a package that best fits your demands. During your IPv6 lease contract, you'll have access to IPv6 addresses including prefix management and quality checks.

Why lease IPv6 addresses?

To lease IPv6 addresses offers great benefits to users looking for guaranteed and immediate access to IPv6 space without the commitment and administrative matters of managing an RIPE LIR account. Moreover, expect the following added value of IPv6 lease.

  • - Fixed monthly costs
  • - No burden of technical and administrative affairs
  • - Near-immediate usability
  • - Future-proof your network

Prefix Broker IPv6 lease

Despite IPv6 being issued unlimitedly, there's significant effort in managing RIPE NCC accounts. Not to mention the excessive costs that come with a given account. Choosing to lease IPv6 instead of buying IPv6 address space unburdens you of any administrative procedures, complex rules and regulations to delve into before purchasing. Our experts know the tricks of the trade and help you navigate the intricate web that is the world of prefixes.

  • - Usable within 24 hours after your first payment
  • - Usable worldwide
  • - Geo-located to your exact specifications
  • - Reverse DNS configuration included

We trust on our experience, knowledge and integrity in coordinating IPv6 lease agreements that fit your business objectives. During the process of drawing up an agreement, we’ll take care of the administrative tasks, technical aspects and more – so you’re able to use your IPv6 addresses within just 24 hours after the first payment.

Your partner in IPv6 lease

We take a transparent approach to IPv6 lease by offering fixed fees and additional service in terms of technical and administrative support. Place your order on our website or contact us about your wishes. Our experts will advise you on anything you need concerning your lease of IPv6 space.

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