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At PrefixBroker.com, our work is not only our job, it's our passion. We were one of the very first IP brokers registered and have been involved in transactions for well over a decade, giving us valuable insight and experience when it comes to helping our customers purchase IP address ranges. We adhere strictly to RIPE protocols and in fact helped write some of them ourselves, allowing us to help shape the future of internet life, something which we are extremely proud of. We take equal pride in offering total customer satisfaction as well and are very happy to be able to help purchase range of IP addresses to suit every need and requirement.

There are many things to consider when opting to purchase IP address range blocks for your business and before commencing with any transaction, we want to make sure you will be happy and satisfied with the end result. We take great care in making sure our clients are fully aware of all options and costs upfront by offering them over ten years' worth of experience in this field. Our staff are highly trained in all matters related to helping you purchase range of IP addresses and we are confident that we can offer you an unbeatable service.

As an IP broker, we can look at all the necessary paperwork for you and advise if you are able to qualify to be able to purchase IP address ranges. We operate in a clear and concise manner, advising our clients every step of the way and making sure that when choosing to purchase IP address range blocks through us, you are never left disappointed.

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