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There has been much talk online recently regarding the ability of companies to purchase block of IPv4 addresses and the current stock available. The IPv4 blocks are still available to buy but it is true that, with an increasing demand for them, the stocks are slowly dwindling away. As IPv4 offers maximum current compatibility on so many levels, many major corporations are taking this chance to purchase IPv4 address blocks for their current expansion plans, negating the need for expensive and immediate upgrades.

Finding a trustworthy seller of these IPv4 blocks can be a bit of a minefield but with the option to use an IP broker, it can become a lot easier and indeed more secure. With any purchase online, it is important that you do your homework and only hand your money over to a verified and fully secure source. No one wants to be left in the cold when a deal goes wrong, so take your time and make sure you only choose to purchase IPv4 address block via an experienced broker.

One such source, with over ten years' experience in the field is PrefixBroker.com. With such a wealth of experience in this field, they can help you purchase block of IPv4 addresses while giving you complete peace of mind. Prefix Broker will handle everything for you, from matching up potential buyers and sellers, to verifying the sellers right to use, operating a safe escrow service and ensuring that no monies change hand until the purchase IPv4 address blocks is full and finalized.

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