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With more than a decade of experience in coordinating IPv4 address transactions, we're the best broker to take care of your lease requirements.

Enter your contact details and a brief description of your business and requirements and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why lease IPv4 at Prefix Broker

  • Competitive rates
  • Large amount of inventory ready to go
  • Clean and fresh IP space
  • Geolocated to your specifications
  • rDNS included free of charge
  • 24-hour turnaround time on most orders

If your business needs to cope with (un)expected growth and you want your IPv4 inventory to grow with you, IPv4 leasing is the perfect solution. Contact us now, we can arrange a lease agreement that suits your needs.

We have been helping customers in a variety of industries for 5+ years with IPv4 leases and are the best choice when it comes to IPv4 leasing. A no-nonsense approach, quick turnaround time and a long-standing reputation in the community ensures your IPv4 lease requests are dealt with quickly, professionally and with the peace of mind that a solid business is handling your IPv4 leases.

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Do you have a short-term need for IPv4 addresses? Leasing could be your best option.

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With the ability to be able to purchase IPv4 blocks for larger corporations, the current market stock is subject to a possible increase in valuation and a decrease in availability. While the option to purchase may provide many businesses with the ideal answer to their online requirements, many smaller companies find the amount of financial output required, a price that's simply too high to pay. But that isn't the only option on the market today as at Prefix Broker, we offer the ability to rent IP addresses on either a long term or short term basis, depending on the needs of the individual client. Being able to offer this alternative often provides the best of both worlds for companies that have a smaller budget and don't wish to make a permanent purchase.

To rent IP address blocks may also be the ideal solution if you have a specific and time limited project in mind. This can easily be set up to meet your minimum requirements but can equally be expanded as and when needed, with complete flexibility. As with our purchasing options, all costs are explained upfront and we ensure that we only offer the best and most viable solutions to our clients. The procedure to rent IP addresses can cover both small and large orders and can cater to bespoke requirements in a large number of global regions. has a long history of dealing with satisfied clients and our staff will be happy to discuss your individual reasons to rent IP address blocks, finding a solution that suits you and your business perfectly. If you would like more details, just visit today!

Why use Prefix Broker?

If you'd like to rent IPv4 addresses, Prefix Broker can help. We have more than a decade of experience in coordinating safe and secure IPv4 lease agreements.

Relax while we handle the details
  • Qualify both parties, confirming ability to enter into rental agreement.
  • Negotiate agreement on price, timing, governing law and currency.
  • Obtain approval for the lease agreement by the RIR if required.
  • Facilitate payments.

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