Do I qualify for more IP Addresses?

As IP brokers we get a lot of questions from prospects who think their only option to get additional IP addresses these days, is to buy (rights to use) IP addresses.

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Do I qualify for more IP Addresses?

As IP brokers we get a lot of questions from prospects who think their only option to get additional IP addresses these days, is to buy (rights to use) IP addresses.

This is not true and let me explain why. This news post may not be in the best interest of most brokers who will bluntly try to sell you IP addresses, but if you are not as informed on the RIPE policies as we are, we think it is morally incorrect to sell you resources if you still haven't even used all options to which you are entitled.

At Prefix Broker we get a lot of requests from customers who already have an established LIR, but are unaware that they RIPE is still handing out IP addresses from the final /8 pool.

This is because the people who setup or maintained the LIR for the company are simply not with the company anymore. Or they haven't been involved in the RIPE policy development. But why buy IP addresses if you can still get IP addresses to which you are entitled ... from RIPE itself?

So how can you check if you would qualify for more IP addresses?

As RIPE is providing IP space from the for the final /8 policy, it is very simple to see if you can get an additional /22 for your LIR for free at RIPE. If your LIR doesn't have any /22 allocation from the 185.x.y.z range, your LIR qualifies for an free /22 from RIPE, after you have already applied for at least 1 IPv6 allocation.

Any open and active LIR in good standing with RIPE, who doesn't have a /22 from the 185.x.y.z range yet and has at their initial IPv6 allocation, can request this additional /22.

If your LIR already has a /22 from the final /8 185.x.y.z range and you still need more IP addresses, there are no other options than to look at the transfer market and contact an IPv4 broker to assist.

RIPE doesn't require any needs assessment anymore, so you can purchase any require prefix size that your budget allows.

What do you need to do to get this additional allocation for your LIR?

In the RIPE LIR portal go to the section Resources -=> Request Forms

Select the option: IPv4 Additional Allocation Request Form

Push the Start Request button and fill in the blanks...

Be as specific as possible in what you require, why you need it, how much you need in the following months, how the growth has been over the last periods, what kind of (new?) services you provide etc. etc. The more information you can provide and the better you document your request, the more likely you will receive what you ask for. Don't let the final /8 policy limit your ambition in thinking that you will only get a /22...

You will (in any properly documented case) get a /22 from RIPE, but the remaining IP space that you require will go in your Pre-Approval and can be used at an IP broker (like Prefix Broker) as what you can buy from the IP Market.

For most request that we receive, this /22 that you are entitled to, is not enough to fill to complete the full requirement in IP space, but it doesn't cost you any additional money... So why not use all resources that you can get and are entitled to, before you are going to purchase more IP addresses.

If you have any additional questions on this or if you wonder if your RIPE LIR could get more IP addresses, feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.

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  • Research the supplying party to confirm they own right-to-use.
  • Check for any other limitations on the use of the IP addresses.
  • Negotiate agreement on price, timing, governing law and currency.
  • Assist in obtaining approval for the transfer by the RIR.

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