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Price list IPv4

  • /24 (256 IP's) - €129/mo
  • /23 (512 IP's) - €258/mo
  • /22 (1.024 IP's) - €499/mo
  • /21 (2.048 IP's) - €949/mo
  • ≥ /20 - Contact us »

Price list IPv6

  • /32 (64k /48s) - €49/mo
  • /29 (512k /48s) - €349/mo
  • ≥ /28 - Contact us »

Why lease at Prefix Broker:

  • Usable within 24 hours after your first payment
  • Usable worldwide
  • Geo-located to your exact specifications
  • Reverse DNS configuration included

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Do you have a short-term need for IPv4 addresses?

Leasing could be your best option.

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Are you the owner or manager of a business looking at expanding their marketing options? Have you considered the option to rent block of IPv4s for whatever length of time you need them? If not, you should do! The secret behind any substantial and successful marketing campaign is often the result of the purchase or rent IPv4 block. Of course if you wish to expand your outlook and venture into a more permanent upgrade option then the purchase of IP blocks is another option.

A major benefit of those opting to rent IPv4 blocks is that the technology is still extremely popular and is compatible with the wide majority of hardware, meaning it can be leased and used with immediate effect. In addition to that, the use of an IP broker is strongly recommended as they will deal with all requirements specific to your needs, regions and budget.

Prefix Broker has over ten years' experience in this field and can offer a guaranteed secure transaction for your company. It also offers choices that include the options to buy, sell or rent block of IPv4s and take the time to advise on what will work best for you. Prefix Broker specializes in bespoke options and if you decide to rent IPv4 blocks, will use a secure and safe escrow service for your full peace of mind.

It can sometimes be confusing to rent IPv4 block data if it is new to you, so offers a wealth of handy information and up to date criteria on their web page, as well as the option to contact an expert team of staff for further help and advice.

Why use Prefix Broker?

If you'd like to rent IPv4 addresses, Prefix Broker can help. We have more than a decade of experience in coordinating safe and secure IPv4 lease agreements.

Relax while we handle the details
  • Qualify both parties, confirming ability to enter into rental agreement.
  • Negotiate agreement on price, timing, governing law and currency.
  • Obtain approval for the lease agreement by the RIR if required.
  • Facilitate payments.

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